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2008-10-07 14:38:38 by MohamedSadek

My school said that we can write our books and they'll publish them, my friends wrote some stories and I wrote too but all of the stories has been published except my one!


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2008-10-07 14:41:05

I want to publish stuff :(

MohamedSadek responds:

Me too!


2008-10-07 15:06:32

private publishing or public publishing? certain companies will only review
stories, fan-fics, novels, or potery of enrolled students or people in programs
where its been made clear that publishers will review and possibly publish
yours or other peoples works. publishes stuff, but i dont think its like a publishing
company in which you can sell your story to make any kind of profit sadly.

MohamedSadek responds:

Public Publishing.
You they didn't publish my friends' stories?
They did publish the worst story and not mine!


2008-10-14 07:48:05

Lol good for you, maybe you shouldn't say that "Mystery of the Buttons" was crap, plus you didn't even do anything, so think before you act.

MohamedSadek responds:

What "Mystery of the Buttons"?